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Need to find a doctor or hospital? Are you looking for an urgent care center near you? Or maybe you have questions about getting approval for medical or behavioral health care. We are here to help you get access to the care you need.

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Doctors and Hospitals

When choosing a doctor, make sure the doctor is part of the Blue Cross Community ICP network. Keep in mind that your plan covers more of the cost of medical services when you stay in the network.

If you choose to see a doctor that is not part of the network, your plan may not cover the costs. This means you'll be responsible for paying for these services out of your own pocket.

Also, some services need approval before treatment or services are received. This approval is called "prior-authorization." You will need approval from the plan before you are treated. Your doctor should know which services need approval and can help with the details.

Do you need help getting to a medical appointment? See transportation benefits.


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