Search Tips

By default, the search is based on a Boolean AND. Thus, only documents that include all of your search terms (or words) are returned in the search results. To broaden the search, include fewer words. To narrow the search, include more words.

Constructing a Search

To get the most out of your search, choose your search terms and phrases carefully. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Be specific. Search for words that are unique and try adding descriptive words. For example, a search for health may give you too many results. If you're really looking for family health insurance, specify family health insurance or health insurance plans.
  • Try a synonym. If you get too few or too many results, try using a synonym for your original words. For example, instead of searching for health advice, try health tips.
  • Use an alias. Sometimes a product can known by a more than one name. For example, even though the product name is BlueValue, you can find additional information by searching for budget-conscious plans, BlueValue advantage, BlueChoice value, etc.
  • Check your spelling. A single misspelled or mistyped word can change your results. It's easy to overlook transposed letters: heatlh tips gives very different results than health tips. Likewise, it's easy to omit a letter: solars looks very similar to solaris, but the results are not.
  • Check your spacing. Some product names do not have a space: SelectBlue is the correct product name, not Select Blue. Other product names do have a space:SelectBlue Advantage, not Select BlueAdvantage.

Exact Phrase Search

Adding quotation marks when you are searching on multiple terms will yield results that contain that exact phrase. For example, searching for "medicare supplement plans " yields results that contain the exact phrase medicare supplement plans .