Frequently Asked Questions


How can I check the status of my claims?
Call your Customer Service Representative. They can advise you on the status of any processed claims, as well as those that are still being adjudicated. You can also check the status of your claims via Blue Access for Members.

How do I add a dependent?
If your coverage is through your employer, contact your human resources department. They're familiar with your plan's specific benefits and can add a dependent to your health benefits coverage.

I've lost my ID card. What do I do?
Call your Exelon Customer Service Representative at (800) 516-1268 (PPO) or (800) 892-2803 (HMO). You can also order a replacement ID card and print a temporary ID card on Blue Access for Members.

How can I find a participating doctor in my health plan?
Search online for PPO, or HMO doctors and hospitals in your area, or find a specific provider by name. You can also print out the results of your search in a customized report. Contact your Exelon Customer Service Unit Representative at (800)516-1268 (PPO) or (800) 892-2803 (HMO).

What's a primary care physician (PCP)?
A primary care physician (PCP) is the physician you choose to be your primary source for medical care. Your PCP coordinates all your medical care, including referrals to specialists and hospital admissions. The PCP applies to HMO plans only.

Where can I get a printed provider directory?
You can print a customized directory from the online list of PPO Doctors & Hospitals or HMO Doctors & Hospitals. You may also contact your Exelon Customer Service Representative (800) 516-1268 (PPO) or (800) 892-2803 (HMO).

How do I verify that my Primary Care Physician(PCP) is in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield HMO Network?
To find out if your PCP participates in the HMO network, call Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) at (800) 892-2803 (HMO members). The identification cards you receive from BCBSIL will include the name of your medical group. If there is a discrepancy, please contact customer service at the appropriate number listed above.

Can I obtain a list of specialists for the HMO plan?
Under the HMO plan, your PCP directs your care. If you need information on specialists, contact your PCP's office.

Will my family members receive their own identification cards?
All family members participating in the HMO plan will each receive their own identification card. PPO participants with single coverage are sent one identification card. Participants with family coverage will receive two cards. If additional cards are required, you can obtain them by contacting Blue Cross and Blue Shield customer service at (800) 516-1268 (PPO) or (800) 892-2803 (HMO).

How do I change my name, address or add dependents?
To change information on your policy such as your name or address, or to add dependants, you will need to contact the Exelon Employee Service Center at (877)-7EXELON (877-739-3566).