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Be Smart. Be Well.® Encourages Healthy Discussions About Sex

Most people have little difficulty talking to their healthcare provider about aches and pains. But talking to a healthcare provider about sexual health is a whole different matter. Sexuality is an important part of life, and maintaining good sexual health is important to both physical health and overall well-being, say experts featured in a new video at . The video – Let's Talk About Sexual Health  – was produced as part of a public/private collaboration of Be Smart. Be Well. and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

"Sexual health is about having a positive, respectful and responsible approach to sexuality and relationships," explains Elizabeth Torrone, PhD, an epidemiologist with the CDC and one of the experts featured in the video.

Sex Comes with Risks; Your Doctor Can Help Lower Yours

Sex and intimacy are a normal, healthy part of life, but there are risks associated with being sexually active. To maintain good sexual health, you should understand the risks and talk to your health care provider about lowering those risks.

Rest assured, no matter how embarrassing it might be for you to talk about sex with your doctor, he or she has likely heard it all before. "We've heard lots of different things, and nothing that you're going to say is going to shock us," said Yolanda Wimberly, M.D., associate dean of Graduate Medical Education at Morehouse School of Medicine. "If your doctor is judgmental when you bring it up, then you really need to think about if that is the provider for you."

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