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Update: COVID-19 Coverage and Eligibility Dates Extended

April 30, 2020

Our focus has been to help our employer customers and members during the COVID-19 outbreak. We are monitoring this pandemic and extending some of our coverage and eligibility dates. As always, members should call the number on their ID card for answers to their specific benefit questions.

Benefit Effective Date Projected End Date Link to Article on Original Dates
COVID-19 Testing 3/7/20 Cost share waiver ends with the end of Health and Human Services (HHS) public health emergency COVID-19 Coverage Information for Employers and Members
COVID-19 Testing-related Visits 3/18/20 Cost share waiver ends with the end of HHS public health emergency UPDATE: COVID-19 Coverage for ASO Groups Regarding FFCRA and Telehealth Expansion
Telehealth Expansion 3/18/20 5/31/20* UPDATE: COVID-19 Coverage for ASO Groups Regarding FFCRA and Telehealth Expansion
COVID-19 Treatment 4/1/20 5/31/20 BCBSIL Waives Member Cost-sharing for COVID-19 Treatment

*Date change/extension

Extension on Telehealth Expansion: ASO decisions for telehealth expansion can be extended.

  • An ASO account’s prior decision will remain in place unless the group requests a change from its account executive.
  • BCBSIL will accommodate changes on a monthly basis.
  • Requests received between the first and 15th of every month will begin dates of service the first of the following month.
  • Requests received after the 15th of the month will begin dates of service following the next effective period.   

If you would like to make a change from your original decision, please contact your account executive no later than Thursday, April 30. If you don’t communicate that change by April 30, your decision will continue as currently coded. Change decisions made after April 30 cannot be accommodated for a May 1 effective date.

Reminder: COVID-19 testing and testing-related visits are covered at no cost share for fully insured and ASO members as required by the Families First Coronavirus Response Act until the end of the federal public health emergency.

Eligibility Requirements Extension for Employees
We previously relaxed the eligibility requirements for currently enrolled/covered group members.

  • From now through June 30, employers can maintain employees who were enrolled on their plans as of March 20, regardless of the eligibility definition stated in their plan or the Benefit Program Application. The previous date was through April 30.
  • This extension is for both group medical coverage and ancillary products.
  • This includes reduced work hours, furlough, leave of absence and layoffs.
  • Groups do not need to do anything. No paperwork or email is needed, as we will accept current and accurate eligibility files.
  • This flexibility does NOT apply to those who are newly electing coverage via the special enrollment period.