Blue Door Neighborhood CenterSM

Blue Door Neighborhood Center

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois is committed to transforming the health of our members, their families and our communities.

That's why we're opening a new door — to our first ever neighborhood center!

Meet Us Face-to-Face

Opening in Spring 2019, Blue Door Neighborhood Center will be in Chicago's historic Pullman Neighborhood. You'll find us at 756 E. 111th Street.

At the center, you'll be able to:

  • Attend free wellness classes with a focus on nutrition and health conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease and behavioral health
  • Learn how to better use health insurance
  • Connect with community resources that provide things like food or transportation
  • Get help with care coordination, if your health benefits cover these services

Programs and classes will be open to everyone and provided at no cost. Plus, childcare may be available while you attend the center's programs.

In addition, the center will include a gathering space that local non-profit organizations can reserve for community or health and wellness meetings and events.

Contact Us

Help us unlock a healthier future in Pullman! To learn more, please email us at Or, follow us on Facebook Learn more about third-party links and Twitter Learn more about third-party links for updates on our progress.