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Best Doctors® Second Opinion Program

When you or a covered family member receives a difficult medical diagnosis, Best Doctors can help you confirm your diagnosis and understand your treatment options. This is a confidential service provided to certain Boeing members (see eligibility below) at no additional cost.

Started by doctors from Harvard Medical School in 1989, Best Doctors has helped thousands of people understand their diagnoses and treatment plans. And it's all done over the phone in the privacy of your home.

There are 2 ways Best Doctors can help you make more informed medical decisions:

Best Doctors Second Opinion Service

Best Doctors Second Opinion Service starts with a phone call to Best Doctors. A Member Advocate (nurse) will have an in-depth discussion with you about your medical history. Then, with your authorization, physicians from the Best Doctors' network of peer-nominated, renowned experts conduct a thorough analysis of your condition based on all your medical records and test results. You'll receive a report with the expert's recommendations that you can share with your current treating physician. You and your physician are then free to decide how to use this additional information. Best Doctors is also available for follow-up questions.

Best Doctors Treatment Decision Support Service

Best Doctors Treatment Decision Support Service helps you make more informed decisions if you're considering multiple treatment options. You'll get access to online tools, information, and health coaching to help guide you in choosing the appropriate treatment options for you.

Best Doctors can advise on the below conditions:

  • Bariatric surgical treatment
  • Benign prostate hyperplasia
  • Chronic low back pain
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Early-stage breast cancer
  • Early-stage prostate cancer
  • Knee osteoarthritis
  • Hip osteoarthritis
  • Benign uterine conditions
  • Cervical neck pain and cervical disc disease
  • Gallbladder procedures
  • Stable angina

This Program is intended to supplement the work of your own doctor, not replace it. Most doctors find that collaboration with other experts can help in complex situations.


You’re eligible to receive these Best Doctors services if you are a:

  • U.S.-based Boeing employee eligible to enroll in a Boeing-sponsored health care plan (whether enrolled or not)
  • U.S.-based dependent enrolled in a Boeing-sponsored health care plan, including spouses or eligible domestic partners and dependent children
  • Retiree and/or dependent of a retiree enrolled in a Boeing-sponsored health care plan, provided you are not covered by Medicare

You’re not eligible if you are:

  • An employee of Boeing subsidiaries that sponsor their own health plans
  • An international locally hired employee
  • A retiree who pays the full costs for your retiree medical plan

For questions or to start the process with Best Doctors, call them at 1-877-284-2322 or go online to, click Get Started and complete the contact form.

Best Doctors is an independent company that is contracted through Boeing. Best Doctors does not provide Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois products or services. Best Doctors is solely responsible for the products and services it provides.