Blue Access for Producers

Vision Discount Program

Discounts on Laser Surgery and Contact Lenses Available

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois members now have access to laser vision correction by board certified surgeons for a substantially discounted price. Discounts on the surgery are available through a contractual arrangement with TruVision*. The cost per eye for traditional LASIK is $895.00. The cost per eye for custom LASIK is $1,295.00.

The laser surgery comes with a lifetime retreatment warranty and the set cost includes:

  • A comprehensive eye exam (fully-refundable deposit required when exam is booked)
  • LASIK and PRK procedures
  • Post-operative care
  • Patient financing available upon approved credit

In addition discounts are available on disposable contact lenses. A mail order program for the lenses is also available.

Members may call TruVision Customer Service at (866) 484-2020 for more information.

*The relationship between Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois and TruVision is that of independent contractors.