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BCBS Facebook sites LifeTimes
  reach Latino audiences
Confused about mountains of
  nutritional data? Here are some
  credible sources
"LifeTimes" takes two more 'National
  Mature Media' awards
Test your knowledge of calluses and
Do you have asthma? Don't let
  winter weather stop you cold
Reader: "LifeTimes" helped identify
  my heart problem
Blue Access for MembersSM – your
  one stop for claims, coverage
  and more.
NIH offers online advice for older
Can vitamin D help prevent colds?
  New study casts doubt
Smile! Good dental health important
  at every age
One doctor on turning 65: Rejoice!
  (And use screenings wisely)
Digitized pills, sensors: What might it
  mean for you?
Feeling colder as you get older?
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Feature Story

Pills that 'talk' to doctors.

Pills that 'talk' to doctors

Advances in medical technology can seem like huge science fiction leaps. Take the FDA's summer 2012 approval of an "ingestible sensor" by Proteus Digital Health, Inc. It could bring regular "patch monitoring" to you and your doctor sooner than you think. Previously OK'd in Europe, it's formally called the "Ingestion Event Marker" (IEM).

This isn't science fiction.


Latest News

Confused about mountains of nutritional data?

If you like to keep current on the healthiest fare to put on your plate, there's no shortage of nutrition news. Nearly every day, it seems, the media reports more "latest findings" on food and what constitutes a healthy diet.

Here are some credible sources.

Nutritional Data Sources
Latest News

Introducing our Latino Facebook page

Introducing our Latino Facebook page

If you haven’t discovered it already, take a look at our Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois Latino facebook page at It can begin and expand two-way conversations among this growing segment of the U.S. population.

Celebrate Hispanic wellness and culture with BCBSIL.

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