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March-April 2012, Vol. XXVII, No. 2
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Getting enough sleep
Generic OTC drugs
Medicine cabinet 'must-haves'
How to dispose of medicines
Dealing with angina
'Sandwich generation' stress
Watch for eye diseases
Heart-healthy oils and spreads
Walk for exercise
Tips for healthy hair
Risks of raw milk
Coffee and depression
New drug for macular degeneration
FDA approves Juvisync
A 'model' hobby
Add joy to your life
New museum showcases Greek history
'Grannies on Safari'
Medicare Basics
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Your Health

Sweet dreams: Are you getting enough sleep?

Almost everyone has trouble sleeping from time to time. But many Americans may be chronically undersleeping—with potentially hazardous consequences for their health and safety.

Read more about ways to get a better night's rest…


Sweet Dreams
Feature Stories

Hellenic Museum 'newest thing in ancient history'

Hellenic Museum

You don't have to be Greek or Greek-American to appreciate the National Hellenic Museum. Opened in Chicago's Greektown area in late 2011, it's jammed with reminders of ancient Greece's world contributions.

"Western Civilization is based on the fundamentals that Greece came up with," says Toula Georgakopoulos, the museum's external affairs director. But until now, there had been no other museum that "tells the story all the way through."

Learn more about what the museum has to offer…

Your Health

Brushing up on hair's changing needs

Many people get into a routine when it comes to caring for their hair and scalp. But hair changes over the years, and grooming routines should, too. With age, hair growth slows and fibers become thinner, making them more susceptible to damage.

See suggestions for keeping hair healthy at any age…


Hair needs

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