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Staying Well:
Sugar's sweet – but are you eating too much of it?

You've probably heard health warnings about eating too much salt. But what about that other white, granulated food additive – sugar? Should you be concerned about consuming too much sugar, too?

Some recent studies suggest the answer is "yes."

Sugar's Sweet


eCards for HealthSM wins national award

This popular website lets you commit to healthy lifestyle changes and notify friends and family by sending them a free eCard. By sharing your healthy intentions this way, you gain support that helps you stick with your program.

Now, eCards for Health has won the 2011 National Health Literacy Innovators Award.

Two centuries of Jewish Midwest cooking

The first wave of Jewish immigrants arrived in the Midwest in the 1800s. They brought along treasured recipes – sometimes recorded in cookbooks, but more often "embedded only in women's memories." So write Ellen F. Steinberg and Jack H. Prost in their book, "From the Jewish Heartland: Two Centuries of Midwest Foodways."

Though imported dishes maintained their Jewish flavor, many born of Jewish cultural traditions also developed a distinctive Midwest taste. This culinary history examines why and how Jewish cooking evolved over the years in Illinois and elsewhere in Middle America.


Heartland Cooking

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