October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Talk with your doctor about when to schedule your mammogram screening. Regular screening is key to early detection of breast cancer. Remember, this and all wellness screenings are vital parts of your health. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois wants you to stay healthy and involved in your health care.

Breast cancer screenings remain important as you age

The older women get, the greater their chances of getting breast cancer. So it's very important for all older women to keep breast cancer screenings "front of mind" every time they see their doctor. more »

Diabetes: Know what it is, and what to look for

Diabetes is a serious, chronic health condition involving insulin, a hormone that allows blood sugar (known as glucose) to enter your body's cells. more »

The ABCDs of Medicare

Medicare is the federal health program for people age 65 and older. First enacted in 1965, there were originally only Medicare Parts A and B (known as "original Medicare"). more »

You missed Medicare's sign-up period; Now what?

Here's one Medicare enrollment time you don't want to skip: the seven-month sign-up period tied to the month you turn 65. more »

Lifestyle changes and diabetes

The fastest, safest way to help manage your diabetes can be summed up in two simple words: exercise and diet. more »

Stay safe beneath the steaming summer sun

Summer fun in the sun is a yearly ritual few resist. more »

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