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Fall 2014 Vol. XXIX No. 4
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2015 MAPD and PDP open enrollment
How you can help fight Medicare fraud
How doctors fight Medicare fraud
How we fight Medicare fraud
When BCBSIL calls
Cheap drugs aren't always a good deal

Get your flu shot, pneumonia too
What to do with outdated drugs
Tips for taking drugs safely
Treat cholesterol to treat diabetes
Link between stress, depression and heart health
How to have a healthier holiday
Why you should gather important documents
Download an important documents checklist
When friends move away
Surviving empty nest syndrome
Keep everyone updated with Caring Bridge
What to see, eat and buy in Santa Fe
Understanding Native Americans
Dramatic depiction of slavery
Women and war
Restaurant safety
Food safety at home
How to safely cut a melon
Play our 'Mystery Game'
Crossword puzzle
Sudoku puzzle
Word search puzzle
Medicare Basics
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Feature Stories

Have a healthier, happier
holiday this year

These tips and advice will help you stay healthy in mind, body, and wallet at this time of family togetherness, fantastic feasts, and glorious gift-giving. Learn how to deal with drunk Uncle Bob, survive the Christmas party buffet, and not overspend this year.

Latest News

2015 MAPD and PDP
open enrollment information

Get the scoop on 2015 prices, plans, and program changes. Open enrollment starts on Oct. 15 and ends on Dec. 7. This is the time to evaluate your current coverage and decide if you need to enroll in a different plan for 2015. If you like the plan you have now, you don’t have to do anything.


Feature Stories

Organize financial and legal documents
– and tell your lawyer or financial adviser where it all is

If something should happen to you, will your family, your lawyer and your estate and financial planners know where to find your important documents? The password to your online bank account? The title to the car? Find out what documents you should gather and organize now. Then download a handy checklist to help you get started, share it with the people you trust, and keep it somewhere safe like a lock box.

Your Health

Flu and pneumonia immunizations
and why you need them

No, a flu shot will not make you sick...and other things you need to know about immunizations, including why a pneumonia vaccine is so important for anyone over age 65.

Feature Stories

Now, online at LifeTimes: Videos

Watch our videos to learn about: food safety at home, food safety when you eat out, and how to safely cut up a melon.

Latest News

Learn how you can help fight
Medicare and insurance fraud

Become a Medicare fraud fighter by volunteering to work with the Senior Medicare Patrol. Studies show that as much as $90 billion in improper Medicare payments go out yearly due to health insurance fraud. The SMP, a division of the U.S. Department on Aging, will train you how to spot – and help stop – Medicare fraud.

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