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Can a dog keep you young?
Customer survey coming soon
Is your sweetener safe?
Our "star" is rising
'LifeTimes' wins awards
How to save on eye exams and products

Prepping for your doctor visit
Tips to fight winter dryness
An annual eye exam can save your sight
Why you need a colonoscopy
Beware of these food-drug interactions
Take small steps to a healthier 2015
Protect yourself from common health insurance scams
Don't get ripped off in an ACA scam
How con artists prey on immigrants
Share a hug today
Connect with us online
Make your own salad dressing
Play our 'Mystery Game'
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Word search puzzle
Medicare Basics
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Feature Stories

Take small steps to a healthier New Year

Do you make resolutions? Then feel bad for falling short of your goals? That might be because your resolutions are too difficult to keep. Instead, try setting smaller, more manageable goals. We've got seven ideas for resolutions you can keep all year long. It's the best way to achieve your ultimate goal: a happier, healthier 2015. Read more

Latest News

Is that artificial sweetener good for you?

As we all aim to cut calories, artificial sweeteners are showing up in more foods, drinks and snacks. But research shows that not all sweeteners are good for you. Some might be decidedly harmful. Find out which artificial sweeteners are on the good list, which ones aren’t, and how to choose foods that are safe. Read more


Your Health

How to make the most of your doctor visit

We don't always have as much time as we'd like with our doctors. Get the most out of the time you have with this list of ways to prepare before the visit, what to say during the visit, and how to follow up after the visit. Read more

Feature Stories

Quick Bites video: Suddenly salad dressing

Uninspired by the salad dressing selection in your fridge? Even the most faithful salad eaters can grow weary at the thought of a goopy glob of store-bought dressing on a crispy selection of greens. Watch this video to learn how to make healthier, fresh salad dressing. It's easy. Really. Watch now

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