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Springfield Children to Design Dream Playground at Sojourn Shelter & Services

Jun. 05, 2013

Sojourn Shelter & Services, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, and organizers from KaBOOM! will host a design day for children at Sojourn Shelter on Wednesday, June 5, 2013. Children from Sojourn will put crayon to paper and draw their dream playgrounds, which will ultimately become a reality. Elements from the children's drawings will be incorporated into the final design for the new community playground to be built on Saturday, July 27, 2013, at Sojourn Shelter.

Design day will be the first meeting of the playground planning committee that will work for the next seven weeks to plan and prepare for the construction of the new playground. Sojourn will also kick-off its recruitment campaign to find 150 volunteers help turn the kids' dreams into a reality.

Today's kids spend less time playing outside than any previous generation in part because only 1-in-5 children live within walking distance of a park or playground. This play deficit is having profound consequences for kids physically, emotionally and cognitively. Children need a place to play every day in order to be active and healthy, something KaBOOM! has been committed to since 1996.

Sojourn counselors help child victims of domestic violence learn to deal with feelings of fear, confusion, guilt and shame. It is vital for these young victims to be able to deal with their strong emotions, and to learn new, healthy ways of communicating and relating to others. Interactive play allows the kids at Sojourn to have the childhood they deserve. The new playground will provide more than 120 children at the shelter community with a safe place to play.

The playground will be the 18th built by KaBOOM! and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois and is one of more than 150 playground builds KaBOOM! will lead across the country in 2013 in an effort to provide a great place to play within walking distance of every child in America. The project is part of "Healthy Kids, Healthy Families," a three-year initiative designed to improve the health and wellness of children through community investments by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. "Healthy Kids, Healthy Families" invests in non-profit organizations that encourage health education, promote physical activity, prevent and manage disease, and support safe environments for children.

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